Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Statement on the situation in Kenya by WCC General Secretary

The WCC general secretary Samuel Kobia, who is Kenyan, has made a statement on the current political crisis and violence which you can access here.
In it Kobia says,
Now is the time for leadership and statesmanship for the good of the nation from the leaders of Kenya's two main parties, the Party of National Unity and the Orange Democratic Movement. As leaders, they must turn urgently from partisan postures and negotiate in good faith to reach a non-violent, political solution to Kenya's electoral dispute.
and concludes
The violent perversion of public life in Kenya at present cannot be accepted in a New Year or at anytime. After the immediate measures are taken, and while the current troubles are still fresh in the nation's mind, it will be necessary to have a frank and thorough appraisal of underlying constitutional and electoral issues that have damaged previous Kenyan elections as well as this one. We register this concern now in order to strengthen the rule of law, improve governance and save lives in Kenya in the future.