Friday, 18 January 2008

The Kopanang Community Trust

Sheila Flynn who works with the Kopanang Community Trust and the Sithand’izingane Care Project spoke movingly at morning prayers in the ecumenical centre in Geneva this morning about hope and creativity in the face of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. You can read more about the work of the trust here as well as on their website.
Creative needlework and grandmotherly gardening skills are prized in this project. It's so often Africa's grandmothers who end up caring for the youngest generation as AIDS scythes down young parents. Hope in the midst of the pandemic is a question of extraordinary tenacity and a very practical spirituality of resistance, daring to believe there really is going to be a better future.
As the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity opens today with its theme of "Pray without ceasing", we pray for all those who show such spirited creativity against the odds.