Saturday, 4 October 2008


It's my first time in Amsterdam and despite the dreadful irritations of taking the plane here (KLM put me on standby meaning I had to leave earlier) this was soon forgotten as we wandered around tha canals and streets yesterday evening. I really hadn't been expecting it to be so beautiful. It is the form, architecture, huge windows and improbable leaning angles of the 17th and 18th century town houses which gives the city elegance. There's always a new little street to turn down and more to discover.
Today we've had a wonderful guided tour of the golden age of Amsterdam followed by a trip on the canals. All this with the fifty or so other people gathered here for Andreas' and Norbert's joint 50th birthday celebrations. We even got to eat a late snack of some of the best chips (French fries) before coming back to the hotel for a quick rest before the evening's festivities continue. What a shame we both have to travel elsewhere tomorrow. Anyway, now that we have two sets of friends living here we shall certainly be back - even if both of us are a bit fearful of being run over by bicyles!


Lac19 said...

Amsterdamn??? :o)

Jane said...

Yes well I know - I'm just the mother tongue speaker you don't expect me to spell small things like international city names correctly do you??

travel safely!