Thursday, 16 October 2008

Travelling by train is so civilised

When this post is published I shall be sitting up in my wagon lit having just opened the blinds to the outside world. I shall be sipping a cup of strong Italian coffee and looking at the wonderful countryside just an hour outside Rome.
As I write this post I have just eaten supper - cooked by Dr B - injected my medecine, found a book or three to read on the train, packed and I still have more than 20 minutes before I have to leave to catch the bus. When I get to railway station in Geneva I'll go and buy a paper wander onto the station, get on my train and snuggle into my bed on board. Today I even got an email from a friend on board a train in Germany - Swiss-Italian trains aren't quite up to that yet.
I have promised myself that next time I go to Cyprus it will be by train and boat, either via Sicily or via Istanbul. Since Sunday I began counting again how many months I can manage without travelling by air, we'll see. But in mainland Europe the train wins the civilised tag every time.

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Tom Zweifler said...

It's important not to be so relaxed about travelling on the railways that you miss your train because you are so engrossed in reading a book on the platform :-)