Thursday, 23 October 2008

Another ecodemocracy is possible

The advert in Le Monde for this made me smile. Let me be clear I am not going to read or buy this book, but it does sound interesting. A translation of the title would be "The New Ecological Politics" and the advert which made me smile ran "Une écodémocratie est possible entre l'imprévoyance écologique et la décroissance résignée". More details here. I have - at the time of writing - had rather too much wine to drink to attempt a clear translation of this but perhaps something along the lines of "An ecodemocracy is possible ..."
As Dr B is an economist perhaps he will be reading this and giving us a résumé on these pages - though I should not really encourage him to visit the book shop next door! I suspect the title to have been written before the recent world economic crisis - a French way of trying to say of course you can save the environment and still have economic growth. Anyway it's published by Seuil as part of their "République des idées".