Sunday, 19 October 2008

Going home to "examen"

One of the things that I particularly appreciate on the Craighead Institute Course I am taking is how it encourages us to make links and also tries to weave spiritual and theological reflection into the practical and intellectual challenges of managing change.

At our morning reflection today we heard a reading from Anthony Gittins' Called to be Sent

Then we were asked questions for silent reflection:

What words , phrases and ideas ... speak to me as I reflect on recent weeks and months?
Have I been appropriately disturbed or re-oriented, redirected and de-centred?
How am I, how is the organisation I work for, experiencing and participating in the missio dei?

This spirituality of looking back at the day, week or month is an aspect of Ignatian spirituality I particularly appreciate. As I make my way to the railway station and take my night train back to Calvin's city I have much food for thought and for reflection. No time for any more otherwise I shall really miss my train!