Thursday, 9 October 2008

Religion in the public sphere

If you click here you can read the report of the Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches - it's called Religion in the Public Sphere.
CEC's Church and Society Commission represents the concerns of the churches to the European institutions in both Brussels and Strasbourg, there are interesting articles on Ageing and euthanasia, religion in the public sphere and intercultural dialogue in the 2007 edition.
Today the CEC central committee received an update on the Commission's work.
In the current financial crisis you the reflections here from the Commission on socially ethical investment and the churches are interesting. Given the current crisis the need for thinking ethically about how churches invest is a key issue if we want to try and change the culture of subprime investment.
I was also given pause for thought during the report at the ever decreasing level of voter participation in European elections, mentioned in this context as a challenge to the churches. How do we get people to be more involved in and enthused by politics and civil society at all levels? What needs to happen for people to connect to a sense of responsibility for institutions, and how do the institutions need to change to make that possible?

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