Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Bible Style Guide

Thanks to ENI I found out about the Bible Style Guide today - this is not about biblical sartorial elegance but is an attempt to offer a crash course on the Bible to journalists and media types:
The Bible Style Guide is a reference text designed specifically for those working within the media industry. It provides a crash course in the Bible for busy journalists, broadcasters and bloggers.

Packed with useful facts and figures, it includes handy overviews of issues that often hit the headlines, as well as terms that are often misunderstood. Whether you’re covering Creationism or Zionism, or want to know your apostle from your epistle, The Bible Style Guide is here to help you get started.

And ENI says this:

"Whether you are covering Creationism or Zionism, or want to know your apostle from your epistle, 'The Bible Style Guide' is here to help journalists get started," said David Ashford, the interdenominational Bible Society's media development officer, who wrote the guide.
Observers say the choice of the title for the handbook may reflect the hope that the 75-page work will find a place on journalists' reference shelves rather than being lost in the avalanche of information that pours into newsrooms.
Among the questions the guide addresses are, When was Jesus really born? Is intelligent design the same as creationism? How do Christians deal with violent texts in the Bible? How many books do the different versions of various Christian denominations contain, and who decided what should be included? The main section is a 20-page A-Z glossary.

You can download the Bible Style Guide 2008.pdf (2.4MB) or, if you are a working journalist in the UK who would like a hard copy free of charge, get in touch with the Bible Society.