Tuesday, 21 October 2008

La caravane de la paix nous apporte sa banderolle

This morning I showed a wonderful group of people visiting Geneva from the CEVAA's general assembly around the ecumenical centre - they sang in the chapel better than any other group this year. CEVAA was the first international group of churches and mission societies to come together as a community of churches in mission.
It was very energising to have such an internationally diverse group of people from francophone churches around the world visiting us. At the end of the tour the group unfurled the "banderolle" made by the women's peace caravan - this was been one of CEVAA's projects in recent years.
In case you're wondering this kind of "caravan" is not a metal box with beds in it to be tied behind a car but a travelling group of people moving from village to village, country to country and spending time to speak about peace and participate in local peace-building projects. Each panel on the frieze was made by a different group as the caravan progressed. You can see the map of countries it went through and read more about the project here.
Photos by Juan Michel