Sunday, 5 October 2008

Learn circular breathing if you want to play the didgeridoo

As part of the wonderful all day 50th birthday cultural and culinary event we attended in Amsterdam, we began the evening by drinking glasses of prosecco while listening to an extraordinary concert by three young women musicians on organ, cello and didgeridoo. It was an improvised 30 minute piece inspired by the idea of the tree of life. I don't imagine I shall ever hear anyting quite like it again - it was both hypnotically coccooning and wonderfully energising.
Later the didgeridoo player gave us a quick lesson in some of the techniques needed to play the instrument, including circular breathing which involves using your cheeks like bagpipes while breathing through your nose.
More fabulous music by two young jazz musicians accompanied our meal which culminated with a wonderful soljanka cooked by Andreas and 300 pieces of cake baked by Kersten.
All too soon Amsterdam's wonderful public transport system whisked us home and preparations began for today's early morning flight to Cape Town for Dr B. Now we'll just have to plan when we get to come back and discovera little more of this great city.