Thursday, 4 June 2009

The expressive organisaiton - maybe the way to see how management is a theological task

One of the things I am beginning to grope my way towards with the paper I am writing for my leadership and spirituality course is how to affirm management and leadership as theological tasks.
This evening I've just been sent a link to a book which I think may help me do that, "The Expressive Organisation". It has some interesting looking chapters on for instance: Scaling the tower of Babel: relational differences between identity, image and culture in organisations, or: Corporate communication orchestrated by a sustainable corporate story, or: Reputation as strategy. Sounds like I have some fun reading ahead.

That last part is sort of where I'm heading in terms of trying to work out a link between the theological idea of being "witnesses" or "disciples" and the organisational ideas of how and what you do being as important as whatever your product may be. I'm probably not making much sense but never mind, thinking aloud onto my blog is part of overcoming writer's block.