Monday, 22 June 2009

Reflecting on faith and fear as we pray for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay

I have just posted the liturgy that my colleague Guillermo Kerber prepared for prayers in the Centre this morning.
Our prayers of intercession for Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay included this which works well for many countries fortunate enough to have democratic governments:

Give wisdom to their governments democratically elected, so that they may discern what needs to be done in the name of justice, peace and care for creation. Sustain and strengthen the churches in those countries, so that they remain a prophetic voice unbound by political and economic alliances and with all people there.
Julio de Santa Ana preached an interesting and thoughtful sermon on the link between faith and fear and how despite fear we can continue to bear witness to our faith (the written version was the basis for the preached version). I think I had never quite thought about the link between fear and faith quite in this way before.
In preparation we listened to two versions of Jesus walking on the water, one read in Spanish and that in itself was fascinating. Hearing how two gospel writers tell the same story slightly differently.

We also began by singing Tenemos Esperanza, Federico Pagura's wonderful hymn on the triumph of faith over fear, even the fear of dictatorship and death ... And i've discovered that you can download it on mp3 along with lots of other Latin American music.
It's really very special to begin your Monday morning by singing tango. I did feel blessed and there are not many people who are able to say that at the beginning of the working week.


Hansuli John Gerber said...

This kind of thing is why I miss being there on Monday mornings for worship and prayer! Singing hope in the midst of darkness... What is that German saying: Glaiube ist der Vogel, der singt, wenn die Nacht noch dunkel ist.

Jane said...

The choir were really great this morning, though it is a bit of a pain having building work next door especially as the microphones aren't working at the moment!
It was neverthelss fun this morning and there were alot of people.