Monday, 15 June 2009

Thoughts on liberation and images of God from Brazil

Three colleagues from Brazil led a simple and powerful liturgy this morning in the ecumenical centre chapel as we prayed through the ecumenical prayer cycle for the peoples of that Amazonian and diverse country.
The meditaional prayers which are not yet in written form, focused on the need for transformation in our lives and that of society.

I particularly enjoyed the wonderful tonal atonality of the hymn Momento Novo by Ernesto B. Cardoso, and also this from the affirmation of faith:

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE GOD of good fortune of the rich
nor in the god of fear of the wealthy
nor in the god of happiness of those who rob the people.

I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE GOD of false peace
nor in the god of justice which is not of the people
nor in the god of venerable national traditions.