Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Off to Rome for final part of course on spirituality and leadership

Sad that it's the last time for now that I shall take the night train to Rome
Here's a taster of a tiny (and bloggable) bit of what I have written so far:

Surf the Volcano, Visit the Circus: A Liturgical and Feminist Reflection on Organisations and Leadership


Reflecting on issues of management and leadership, I have realised that some of the models for reflecting on these categories are set, if not by an overtly patriarchal discourse, then at least by a discourse which sometimes forces women leaders into models that they have not always had the chance to develop. One of my concerns as an ordained woman is to see what models for women's leadership may be possible, could be developed, might be taken up by the churches and church organisations. How can I as a woman, how can women more generally find their voice?

Recent reading of Grace Jantzen's work also helps me to see that often simply by being and by having their own voice, women are putting a spanner in the works of the way things have always been done. This is a challenge and a responsibility for women involved in leadership, and something that male and female leaders in the church need to become more aware of to have a more holistic approach to understanding some of the dynamics at work in their organisations. In what ways do I / we as wo(men) leaders support and conform to systems which so often work against us? What does surfing the volcano and visiting the circus mean for women with leadership responsibilities today? In churches, such as mine, where women have been ordained for several generations (the first woman in my tradition was ordained in 1917) there is also the question of how we support one another as women leaders at a time when the clergy in many protestant denominations is being feminised.

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janetlees said...

Sorry I missed you before you went. As you heard from Hannah, Dad is OK.
I wondered about other images (where did the volcano and the circus come from?), though sword swallowing seems to fit the circus bit at least. How about visiting the chip shop (there are fewer circuses over here these days). The local vicar has recently spent her sabbatical visiting a male nude life class with some interesting results. The feminisation of the church is an interesting topic. Whatever else we know we do know that institutions change very very very very slowly. Have a great time.