Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Word of the day "Allinghi" - the stranzblog's first award

The stranzblog has received its first award a "lingy" no less. (Couldn't resist the pun - all weekend instead of saying "cheese" many of the younger Swiss folk said "Allinghi" when photos were taken - then I got home to discover I had received a lingy.)
David Ker has launched a new home for the Lingamish brand and it looks great, he's also trying all sorts of new technical stuff out which I only marginally understand.
Anyway David also has this thing about hippos and the lingapotamus in particular.
David also blogs in a slightly more serious vein over at the Better Bibles blog, as well as blogging he's believed to have a full time job with Wycliffe Bible translators. Great folk.

The Fail Hippo (Inspired by the Twitter Fail Whale, of course!) copyright David Ker (I'm sure it's all his own work)


David Ker said...

I love it!

Jane said...

;-) thought you would!