Tuesday, 2 June 2009

John Hegley on developing creativity in the classroom

There's a great article and photo gallery by John Hegley in the Guardian about how he encourages creativity in the classroom. I love his idea of singing instructions about what to do next - but as I don't have a mandolin I might find this a bit more challenging! Anyway here's a taster of his article:

When in a performance, on occasions I will ask the spectacle-wearers in an audience to exchange their beloved pair for the spectacles of another audience member. It is a symbol of the enrichment to be had of experiencing another viewpoint. I am currently involved with a Jewish and a Catholic primary school that have been looking at aspects of each other's religion, relating to Easter time.

A mixing and a matching of the cultures
A flavour of the others' point of view
In the Catholic school we talk about the Pesach
the last meal to be set in front of Jesus, a man who some seem to forget, remained a Jew.
We all look at the ritual observance:
the dipping of the finger into wine,
the spilling of a droplet ten times over
to mark the plagues of Egypt, and a sign
that the suffering of Egypt is acknowledged