Monday, 29 June 2009

Praying this week for Bolivia, Chile and Peru

This week the ecumenical prayer cycle turns to Bolivia, Chile and Peru. Prayers were led by Martin Junge from the Lutheran World Federation and Maria Chavez Quispe who has recently joined the WCC works on the rights and respect of indigenous people.
It was good that there were readings and songs not only in Spanish but also in Aymara, an indigenous language. Only today I received an invitation to the Swiss association of translators, terminologists and interpreters conference on The World in Crisis and the Translation industry? One of the papers is:

Why the economic crisis is putting a lot of stress on already struggling indigenous South African language, Nico Nortjé, Language Inc., South Africa.
So this morning and this week we pray:
God, we come before you with our longing for peace and wholeness. Nurture us, so that our longing translates into attitudes and actions in our daily life.