Saturday, 20 June 2009

June weekends of music and culture in Ferney Voltaire

This weekend is the Fête de la musique throughout France and also in Geneva. Brilliant free concerts in the streets and great food to buy a real street party. The Geneva Fête de la musique programme is here, the one for Ferney here. So far today the rain has managed to hold off so the summer solstice frolics can continue through the night undampened.
We'll hardly have time to recover in Ferney before next week's Fête à Voltaire. This I suppose is like the village fête but rather more orchestrated and rather than being based on the patronal festival of the saint it is in honour of our patronal philosopher. You can read more about the plays and theatre in Voltaire's château and throughout the town here. It's going to be fun - all the more so because it is literally happening our doorstep. Unfortunately Dr B will be in Budapest, so I suppose I shall just have to have fun without him.


Hansuli John Gerber said...

It's la Fête de la musique pretty much all over la Suisse Romande, even here in the Franches Montagnes and le Vallon de St Imier. Music wherever you go. Up in the Jura it's rather cool, so we sit by the fire place and enjoy the calm.

Jane said...

So Jacques Lang actually influenced francophone Switzerland - this is good news!