Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Un homme sur deux est une femme

Almost untranslateable into English - it just doesn't make you smile in the same way - "one man in two is a woman". Anyway it's on the dust jacket of the book Paroles de femmes by Josée Lartet-Geffard and Benoîte Groult.

I'm off later this evening to the final session for the current academic year of my feminist theology group. We've been looking at "Dieu est belle" and will spend some time this evening sharing about what we have leart about our own images of God over the year.
Next year our group will change as Karin Ducret who has been a mainstay of the organising committee will step down. I'm still not sure how we will cope without her but tonight we will celebrate her contribution with words by women - paroles de femmes. Everyone is bringing a quote by a woman to put onto a long folding card for Karin - some of the quotes from members who can't be there tonight are absolutely brilliant and I'll try and post some of them here and to the théologie féministe blog when I have time to be in touch with my life again - France Quéré, Christiane Singer, Thérèse d'Avilla and Elisabeth Dufourcq to name a few