Monday, 8 June 2009

Political depression ...

While I was lying comfortably in my Wagon-lit coming back from Rome I received regular sms updates on the European election results. Not a good day for British politics and time surely to turn to reinvigorating political culture ... Perhaps one day Britain will wake up to being part of Europe rather than living in some sort of disdainful superior separation. It doesn't seem to be about to happen any time soon. When Jean-Marie le Pen came second in the French presidential elections in 2002 it was a wake up call for France, will these election results wake up Britain?
I did however finally smile when I got the Euro results for Ferney Voltaire and discovered that Madame Françosie Grossetête had topped the poll (Ms Big Head for the UMP - boo hiss!) and I was really rather delighted that Daniel Cohn-Bendit and José Bové's brand of left-wing Green party came in second place with a very low score here for the far right.
Overall though I shall go to bed sad wondering how I too can re-engage in the building up of healthy political culture.