Sunday, 7 June 2009

Some fragments for the journey

All that follows will seem pretty gnomic to anyone other than me but here are some bits and pieces, some fragments that got stuck in the crevices and which I'm trying to live with.

"I dwell in possibilities" Emily Dickinson

Always see oneself on the boundary

We are narrative people

It is necessary to listen deeply with an open heart

Things can get lost in translation and things can get lost in psychology

Where leaders can't take up their role others can't take up their role either

If organisations have emotional lives they also have pathologies

The role is the meal not the menu

How to cope with toxic behaviour in organisations

When there is no leadership people resort to power

How to tell the story
of learning
of spirituality
of beginning

There is no such thing as a minor language

watch for anxiety in the system
the qualitative is as important as the quantitative

How to encourage adherence to a different yet unknown future

faith is our most important resource

this he said is my body broken for you
a fragment
I dwell in possibilities
in crevices


Anonymous said...

When there is no leadership people resort to THE MISUSE OF power
(Leadership is also a form of power but the issue is what form)

Jane said...

thanks anon
yes I agree the quote I made here was certainly shorthand for abuse of power not power per se

Hansuli John Gerber said...

Also this: where there is no real leadership the bean counters take over.

Lac19 said...

Pathologies and toxic behaviour, I tend to believe all organizations have their share. The issue is whether we can do something about it, like say, work together in order to build spaces of healthy counter-organizational-culture...

Jane said...

Thanks Lac 19. I agree - one of the interesting things I learnt is that no organisation is ever entirely healthy. Setting up those healthy spaces for counter-organizational culture is also hard work and can make the individuals who try to do that quite vulnerable.
Maybe organisaitons should set up weekly organisational wellness retreats!