Sunday, 22 March 2009

The 7,000 up love link challenge or something

Of course it all started with David Ker who is desperate that we all know that he has reached 7,000 comments on his blog and so decided to start a comment-leavers web link-up in the blogosphere.
I got tagged by Friends Meeting place who got tagged by Gentle Wisdom to pass on "link love" by linking to the blogs of 10 of the people who have commented on of Life, Laughter and Liturgy.
Now when I first saw this my heart sank I am rather at the other end of the comment spectrum (I promise to let you know when I reach 100 comments!) and I had to wonder whether I even had 10 people who have blogs leaving comments. I think I might just make it, here goes:
Novice blogger
Upside Down Heaven
On not being a Sausage
Pieced together praise
Called Together
Gustavo Bonato
Five lobes and two fissures
sustainable if able kiwi

Now, everyone needs to know that David Ker has threatened to set the hyenas on us if we break the chain but I don't take that seriously at all. What I like about all this silliness is that it links liberals, evangelicals and others in a little bit of web based fun. I rather like the fact that David, Peter and Tim would as they put it "not necessarily endorse the content on these blogs". Well of course I don't endorse it - these blogs belong to other people.
I should add that I am not allowed to link to Lac19's blog but you can visit a great website he made here.
Anyway just to be really fair about this here are Tim Goodbody's original ten linkers, followed by Peter Kirk's.

Radical Evangelical
Revise Reform
Peter Ould
David Keen
Pluralist speaks
Phil's Treehouse
Jane Stranz

  1. Rahab’s Place
  2. Obscene Beauty
  3. The Road to “Elder” ado
  5. Friends’ Meeting House
  6. The Sundry Times
  7. This I do…
  8. New Epistles
  9. Seeking His Face
  10. jon sidnell


Anonymous said...

Im there! :o)

Jane said...

sehr gut!

David Ker said...

What I like about all this silliness is that it links liberals, evangelicals and others

That's why I like it too. And it's a great discovery tool for new blogs you don't know about.