Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fulata Mbano Moyo on Seven Weeks for Water

It is World Water Day this Sunday - if you are doing something to mark the day then do let the Ecumenical Water Network know about it. At Seven Weeks for Water we're particularly keen to know about any worship ideas or prayers you've written.
This week's meditation is based on Jesus' encounter with the Samaritain woman at the well in John's gospel. It's written by Fulata Mbano-Moyo who works at the WCC and is from Malawi.

Here's an extract:
We can learn from this story that water is life: important for renewal; needed by everyone, regardless of race, sex, age, ability or any other quality; a gift of God that should not be privatized and confined to the powerful so as to deprive the less powerful; and that like the Samaritan woman, each one of us should make sure that we work towards making physical and spiritual water accessible to all.
From Jesus we can learn that we should always dare to demand access to water and that we should engage in dialogue with both those who have accepted their positions of privilege as normal as well as those who accept their deprivation as normal. The Samaritan woman had an encounter with God, she realized that the real owner of water for life is God.

Find out whether there are organizations in your own country that offer just gifts. Some participants of the Ecumenical Water Network like Church World Service (USA) and Christian World Service (New Zealand) offer the possibility of giving such a gift instead of an ordinary present, and you can find others by searching the internet for “Water and sanitation as a gift”.