Sunday, 8 March 2009

"No violence, no silence" - What have you been doing for International Women's Day?

The picture is from an International Women's Day demonstration in India in 2008, the day and the week before and after are times to reflect on the reality and possiblities of women's lives.
The global "no violence no silence" initiative is one place to start, or listening to girls and empowering the girl child.
As well as a celebration of women's lives, contribution and commitment, the day also serves as a sobering reminder of what far too many women are suffering and putting up with. The list is long, there's a post about how women in Zimbabwe are bearing the brunt of the crisis there; many agencies remind us of the terrible situation many women in Democratic Republic of Congo; the trafficking of women to feed the seemingly insatiable global sex trade; and of course even in countries with good equality laws women still earn on average 17% less than similarly qualified men.
Anyway happy international women's day, here's to all the positive initiatives it gives rise to.