Thursday, 5 March 2009

Justice for women in Mexico

For international women's day, Réforme is leading this week with the campaign of Mexican women for justice for the 400 women who have been found murdered over the past 15 years in The Mexican-Texas border town of Ciudad Juarez, a further 4,000 women are reported missing. Nakaworari Leál Ortíz pictured here has set up an association which works with the families of the victims, most of whom live in situations of extreme poverty. The association recieves free legal aid from lawyers in Mexico City and the Ford Foundation also supports their work.
however also says that the work has to continue until age old problems of men seeing women only as sexual objects are overcome. "Pour Nakaworari, rien ne sera résolu tant que la femme mexicaine ne sera pas traitée à égalité de l’homme. « Quand les garçons parlent entre eux des filles, ils les voient uniquement comme des objets sexuels »"
The work of the association and its campaign for justice is supported by ACAT Christian Action Against Torture.
What campaign, which people are you supporting for international women's day?