Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Jesus donuts to be eaten on atheist bus?

It is not yet April 1st but there really are some strange stories out there. Like this one about Evangelical Christians in Spain using donuts to get people to try out Jesus. Hmm ... one of my friends has suggested this could be a special delicacy to be eaten only on an atheist bus. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.
I remember how strange I found it when I arrived in northern France and someone served me sausage called Jésus cru and Jésus cuit - cooked or uncooked Jesus, but I think it tastes better when it's just called sausage.
"El DONUT DE LA FE Esta última campaña que ha alcanzado a los medios de comunicación (en este caso el diario ABC) es, como hemos dicho, la que protagoniza un donut, junto a otros tentadores alimentos, y se debe a la propaganda evangelística que está realizando la iglesia evangélica Cuerpo de Crist"
I think that must be the first time that I have seen the words donut and Body of Christ in the same paragraph. Perhaps I should get out more. And just for the record yes I do normally write doughnuts of course, not donuts.
Meanwhile if you're looking for something sweet you could order some alfajores here.