Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Feminist translation of the Qu'ran?

Hat-tip to Deirdre Good for pointing to Irshad Manji's blog and the project to make a new translation of the Quran. Manji writes:
This translation could have been available three years ago. You’ve likely never heard about it because the translators — two women and a man, all of them Muslim-Americans — have had a helluva time getting published. They reached a deal with a major U.S. publishing house. But after the Prophet Muhammad cartoon riots, the publishing house bailed on its contract.

Anyway you can download the translation here or buy a hard copy here.

Manji's site also has interesting links to a film she made called Faith without Fear.


J. K. Gayle said...

Thanks for posting Irshad Manji's work. How exciting!

Do you know if she and Laleh Bakhtiar have compared notes? There are quotations by Bakhtiar and a link to her translation of the Quran here.

Jane said...

JK thank you - and great to hear from you. thanks for the link - I'll see what I can do to put them in touch with one another