Friday, 13 March 2009

Springtime railway rhymes from the SNCF

Picking up my mum and aunt at the wonderfully romantic Gare du Nord last night I came across small transparent but colourful squares of paper for the 11e Printemps des poètes: en rimes en rires - rhymes and laughter.
The idea is that you place the poems somewhere to brighten up someone's day with the colours and the funny poems printed on them. It's taking poems on the Underground one step further I suppose.
Anyway the SNCF is offering poetry dowloads as part of its cultural programme, after all poetry makes you travel to new places so why not make poetry itself travel? You can download six poems here.
I think the idea is that this is a sort of peaceful fly-posting action. An organised bit of poetic craftivism.
So what poem would you like to leave lying around for others to read - or what poem would you write for others to read on the train?


janetlees said...

What fun! I do like these poems. I've just 'pris un lapin' and put him out on the grass for the first time this printemps. Peut-etre I should ecrit un poem about that.

janetlees said...

Here is my Prenez un lapin poem, a response to Prenez un chat. Maybe someone could put this up at a railway station?

Prenez un lapin.
Mettez le dehors
Sur l’herbe
Pour une heure
Ou deux.
Le printemps arrive.

Jane said...

I knew that you would be inspired
however here is a question
when cows are put out into Spring pasture for the first time the milk tastes better and richer, as does the butter.
Now the question is I suppose this isn't true for rabbits?