Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Leave a message on Noah's answerphone - Seven Weeks for Water with David Pickering

My friend and one time fellow-student David Pickering has written this week's meditation on Seven Weeks for Water. David chairs Operation Noah in the UK and ministers in Leeds. When he started training for the ministry he had just finished his doctorate in environmental studies. I can still well remember some of his prayers and also tales about sediment at the bottom of lakes and what this can tell you.

David edits the monthly environmental page in the United Reformed Church's magazine Reform. Here's a taster of what he says on Seven Weeks:
Mindful of climate change and the real threat to water and life, what can you or your community do to follow in Noah’s footsteps and walk with God?
After the flood God gave Noah the rainbow as a sign of commitment to the whole world. Reflecting on God’s multi-coloured rainbow promise never to bring a flood again, what rainbow promise does your faith community want to make to God and to your children and children’s children and all living creatures?
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Picture: Gaspirtz.