Thursday, 19 March 2009

Affirm access to water as a human right

At a side-event to the World Water Forum taking place in Istanbul, Ecumenical Water Network representatives said that the affirmation of the human right to water would allow the international community to move on to a constructive discussion about its implementation and to promote dialogue and research about good practices.

While the interests of business players are thus well represented in international discussions about water issues, it is important that civil society organizations and churches raise awareness of the needs of affected communities, according to the EWN, a network of churches and Christian organizations working on people's access to water around the world. One opportunity to do so is World Water Day on 22 March.

"As World Water Day falls on a Sunday this year, we certainly hope that people will celebrate water through prayer, worship or other activities and raise awareness of our shared responsibility to care for this precious gift and make it accessible to everybody," says Maike Gorsboth, EWN coordinator.