Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Some good news from Zimbabwe - Jestina Mukoko released

And not before time. Read more here.
“I am free now and I must concentrate on my health,” said Mukoko who looks emaciated and unwell. “The time will come for me to comment to the media. I am still being attended to by the doctors and I might be in here for some weeks to come.”

There is still a long, long way to go in Zimbabwe. Heads of denominations said this among other things in a public statement in recent days.

We wish to remind the new Government that it is taking office at a very special time and under very special circumstances in our history. The special circumstances include a clearly defined and limited lifespan of the Government during which it must present to the nation some specific deliverables which include the following:
· facilitating the development and promulgation of a people-driven national constitution as afoundation for democratic governance;. opening up space for people's democratic participation, freedom ofexpression and personalfreedoms;· enacting legislation and mechanisms for people's free participation in the national elections . .. that will mark the end of the life of the current all-inclusive Government;· re-vamping the national economy in order to create jobs, reduce hunger, poverty, disease and restoring public and social services, particularly those related to health and education; · Addressing all outstanding issues that include the release of persons detained on politicalgrounds, fair distribution of land and equitable distribution of relief and aid to those who need it.

In addition, political party leaders should work to ensure that the unity they have achieved at their level cascades down to their supporters. The resurgence of politically-motivated acts of violence