Friday, 13 March 2009

Fun with family in Paris

So as I'm in Paris here are some photos to bore you all with. the one on the left is the rather wonderful view from the Café Marly toilets at the louvre. We have walked on cobbles and over the wonderful solférino footbridge which is very clever. We've been to Sainte Chapelle and the deportation monument and on the boat. Despite early rain the weather has been kind. We have even managed to drink good cups of tea. We have of course also sampled many eating delights and have chatted and teased one another in the fun desultory over-excited way that our family does. It's good to be with three of my favourite people and to know that Dr B (absolute favourite) will join us later tonight and Eric tomorrow. Now we have to decide where to eat tonight. Must go.

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Gustavo Bonato said...

Tea in Paris? I'm jealous.