Saturday, 28 March 2009

Read the spoof FT for the upcoming G20

Anti-capitalism campaigners have published a spoof edition of the Financial Times - that pink paper which is the Stranzblog's guilty secret.
You can read it here. It's very well done - all of the adverts and bits and pieces try to get the environmental message across. My favourite bit so far is the spoof on the atheist bus slogan
There's probably no cod. Now stop asking for it and eat more sustainably.

I admit to also rather enjoying the Blair pilgrimmage story:

Tony Blair, the former prime minister, received a ritual scourging outside Notre Dame Cathedral yesterday as he continued on his expiatory pilgrimage to Rome.
Dressed in bright orange sackcloth, and wearing the ashes of British parliamentary democracy on his head, the penitent was beaten about the face and body by personal envoys of Pope Jeanne I, costumed as apes and eating Camembert.


janetlees said...

About the cod. Is this an atheist cod or some other Bible believing cod. I think we should be told. I spent my childhood eating cod. My forebears were all fish sellers. My mother would take the left over cod each evening from the shop managed by my great uncles and cook it for us. I'm sorry if this has contributed to the problems faced by cod. It's not as if I actually liked it much (although I am signficantly brainy of course). I really used to look forward to Saturday nights when we could choose a fish that wouldn't make it through the rest of the weekend to be sold the following week. I'm not sure of the religious persuasion of these particular species. Would like to get on an atheist cod bus though.

Jane said...

Hmm I just want an ape costume and to be able to eat camembert