Saturday, 21 March 2009

Water, ripples and Romansch

On Friday morning Natalie Maxson led morning prayers in the ecumenical centre. On the floor in the side chapel was a bowl of water and some stones. She and Mark Taylor taught us a Marty Haugen hymn for Lent.
The liturgy was very simple we were invited to listen three times to the story of Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman at the well and asking her for something to drink. As the story was read very simply, so guitar music was played and we listened to a rain stick. We listened to the story, let it make ripples in our mind and experience.
The side chapel was nearly full which is unusual for morning prayers. We had a group of young people from the Reformed Church in Graubunden visiting us and I interpreted one or two parts of the service into German for them.
In our prayers we prayed for all people suffering from lack of access to water, from flooding, from drought.
As the guitar and water stick played once more, we were invited to drop a small stone into the bowl of water and to literally make ripples as we left to chapel to begin our day.
The young people stayed behing and I learnt that although I'd been invited to give the tour in German to them they were actually representatives of Switzerland's fourth language, Romansch. They were around 16 years old and none of them spoke less than three languages, most seemed to have excellent English as well. Future linguists in the making.