Thursday, 7 August 2008

BBC Radio 4 in French?

One of the things I was surprised to learn in my youth when I started travelling to other countries was that they don't all have an equivalent for Radio 4. Although France has good radio there isn't really an equivalent blend of news, comedy, drama and information. Anyway according to this week's Le Monde it would seem there's an attempt afoot to have a joint Franco/British drama broadcast on Radio 4 and on a small new internet radio called
Apparently Arteradio specialises in outside broadcasts and this led to the drama being recorded in Paris and London and it will be in French and English. It's called Déjà Vu and will be broadcast in February next year.
And here's a taste of the dialogue (I'm sure the real thing will be better than this taster which ratehr reminds of the late, great Miles Kington's Parlez vous franglais) - the plot involves the male French/Morrocan character being retained under prevention of terrorism legislation., but the dialogue quoted in Le Monde is

Elle : What's this ?
Lui : Quoi ?
Elle : On your forehead. Here... just by your eyebrow.
Lui : Une cicatrice.
Elle : Scar.
Lui : Tu en as une sur la joue.
Elle : Oh, God, can you see it ?
Lui : It's very small.
Elle : I forgot I had that.
Lui : Elle est toute petite."