Saturday, 2 August 2008

Does globalisation mean we all share the same angst?

On the Ecumenical Water Network summer school blog Kim and Dave have been reflecting on globalisation and posted this cartoon by Australian artist Michael Leunig.
In case you can't read it this is what it says:
That's when a woman in New York,
a man in Hobart,
a child in Oslo,
a canary in Milan,
an old lady in Peru, a dolphin off the coast of Madagascar ... all share the same anxiety and the same dispair for the same reason at the same time." You can find more Leunig cartoons here.
Meanwhile news from my special envoy to Lambeth is that a campaigning black armband has been delivered to Dave Walker, the conference's official cartoonist. Dave removed posts from his blog after receiving a cease and desist order from Mark Brewer and the St Stephen the Great trust which has taken over the SPCK bookshop chain in the UK. Dave had been campaigning for the shops and their workers. You can read more about this on Sam Norton's excellent blog, Sam also recieved a Cease and desist notice from Brewer. There are also further links offering support to Dave including cartoons here and here. The best so far has to be Jon Birch's brilliant offering over at The ongoing adventures of ASBO Jesus.
It's great to see people getting over globalised despair by cartooning.