Friday, 29 August 2008

Holiday in beautiful Bern

On Monday it's back to work, but we've had great time away from it all, particularly in Bern. The wonderful cobbled streets, the extraordinary art nouveau Pauluskirche (the most over the top gold decorated Reformed church we have so far ever been in), the street cafes, great public transport, Paul Klee museum, the local beer, Gurten park and even the strange expedition to the building site which is set in six weeks time to be Daniel Libeskind's Westside shopping centre. We even attended a beautiful service in the French church - the Psalms and Bach as an invitation to reflect on the different stages of life, so good that it even made the translation of the TOB sound moving and wonderful.
And the bookshops were brilliant ... yes the suitcase came back rather heavier than it left.
It's only taken us 14 years to get to Switzerland's capital city, as is often the way it looks as if I'll be back there in just over three weeks for a meeting! C'est la vie.
Ah yes and we saw the Bärengraben but not the Röstigraben.