Friday, 8 August 2008

Enjoy the sport but don't forget human rights during the Olympics

Yesterday epd reported that Bishop Margot Kässmann's initiative to keep human rights on the agenda during the olympic games in China has had much wider support than expected - even people outside Germany people are now ordering the black armbands. The campaign has already raised more than 30,000euros for the Asian Human Rights Commission which is an independent NGO.
The black armbands have a verse from Psalm 85 on them "that justice and peace may kiss" (read more here).
The Protestant chaplain to the German Olympic team has also taken armbands with him to China.
You can order armbands by writing to the address here - and I'm sure they'll understand English.
You can also find out more about Amnesty International's campaign on Human rights in China here.

Photos Jens Schulze epd and Stephen Brown eni