Friday, 29 August 2008

Difficult reading in feminist theology

Lectio difficilior is the name of the European online journal for feminist exegesis. The current edition has a lead article by Hans Christoph Aurin on "Your urge shall be for your husband".
The journal publishes articles on broadly feminist exegesis in either French, German or English. I've not had time to look at the content but it's clear that there is still relatively little material in French. The journal is published in Bern.
I like calling it "difficult reading". Our own Geneva feminist theology group begins again next month and we've more or less put the whole of the past 4 years work online via a Wordpress blog and are hoping to record and make podcasts of some of this year's sessions. More about that at our launch.

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Rachel said...

Sounds very interesting - keep us here, at Re Vis.e Re form, up-to-date, on this one, if you would.

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