Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Holiday reading

It's holiday time so inbetween slurping antibiotics and hoping that my bronchitus will subside I'm actually doing some reading. Dr B brought Diarmaid Macculloch's excellent book on the Reformation back from the Lambeth conference and now it's holiday time we're fighting each other as to who is allowed to read it. Both of us are learning lots, but woe betide us if we lose the other's page marker!
You can read an extract from the book here and I'll post the blurb below - and yes in case you're wondering I am of course also doing some rather less serious holiday reading but more of that some other time - meanwhile all suggestions for good reads gratefully received.

"At a time when men and women were prepared to kill – and be killed – for their faith, the reformation tore the western world apart. Acclaimed as the definitive account of these epochal events, Diarmaid MacCulloch’s history brilliantly re-creates the religious battles of priests, monarchs, scholars and politicians, from the zealous Luther to the radical Loyola, from the tortured Cranmer to the ambitious Philip II.

Weaving together the many strands of reformation and counter-reformation, ranging widely across Europe and even to the New World, MacCulloch also reveals as never before how these upheavals affected everyday lives – overturning ideas of love, sex, death and the supernatural, and shaping the modern age."