Saturday, 9 August 2008

Keep praying for Zimbabwe

Marlon Zakeyo a lawyer working on human rights issues in Zimbabwe with WSCF has written a very good piece you can read on the Change Zimbabwe site. There's also a link here to a video made by the Zimbabwe solidarity peace trust. the essential thing at themoment if to campaign for real change for the people of Zimbabwe and not to accept total impunity for the sake of political power.
Marlon has written this:
But as rumours of an imminent announcement of a deal between the rival parties mount, one cannot help but imagine that Gift Tandare’s widow and thousands of other survivors and families of murdered and disappeared activists must be feeling really lonely, isolated and betrayed right now.
If rumours filtering in from Pretoria are to be believed, Robert Mugabe will be allowed a gradual and honourable exit and a blanket amnesty for all pre-election violence will be declared, presumably by Prime Minister Tsvangirai.
The chiefs of the Joint Operational Command are also reportedly trying to cut immunity deals for themselves in Pretoria. So are we turning full circle here? All the way back to 1980, 1987 and 2002. Collective amnesia. Turning the other cheek, allowing impunity and moving on for the sake of ‘peace’?

Read the full article here.