Sunday, 24 August 2008

Church leadership for women as well as for men

Over on Revise and Reform Rachel has written a good preview and an additional comment about a new book by Rosie Ward on growing women's leadership in the church. You can view the contents here and read an extract here.
I haven't yet read the book but I'm passionately interested in issues of management and leadership in the church.
The way we exercise leadership witnesses to our faith, the way women and men can lead together is for me a sign of a church's strength. The community of women and men is about taking responsibility together for the church as members in the body of Christ. Some of us are preachers, others deacons, prophets or teachers but it should not be our gender that defines our ability to exercise these gifts that the Spirit offers to us. So many churches rely on women to fill the pews, surely it is time to let the gifts of all God's people flourish so that the church can be a place where the gifts of each and of all are recognised and nutured.