Friday, 22 August 2008


Holiday means a bit of time to catch up and look back. Here's a photo from just outside to front door of the lovely Reformed Church centre in Sornetan
where I was earlier in the month for a day's interpreting. It was a perfect, gentle early Sunday morning and the group met in the lovely old Reformed Church. (If I can get my head around the French instructions maybe I'll even post my first photo gallery.)
In the car back to Neuchatel at the end of the session I listened to how the six vilages we were travelling through had only two people between them willing to serve on the church council. Beautiful and well kept as the churches in this part of the world are it would seem that their way of sharing the gospel message no longer resonates much with the local population. Something is dying, is something new being born? Across western Europe the church map is changing dramatically, have we really noticed the seismic shift, what are we doing about it, are we just hoping things will get a bit better if we cross our fingers and hope for the best? Institutions so often take such a long time to learn, to change, to grow, to dare, to manage and take hard decisions.
Anyway let's see if I can indeed embed a slide show.