Thursday, 7 August 2008

A year of blogging

A year ago today I started blogging at a meeting on conversion in Toulouse. That blog was much more focused than my current effort and it was quite liberating to have something specific to blog about.
Nevertheless, I am for the moment hooked on this jotting way of communicating random thoughts to noone in particular and it's been good for me to actually write something other than sermons and letters of complaint in French (to our bank, gas company, internet provider ... you get the picture!).
Anyway, thanks to all my readers for their patience and forebearing. So far I'm still enjoying doing this.


Duca said...

Congratulations for the 1st aniversary of this cool blog. I enjoy reading it almost daily.

Duca said...

oooppsss that was me: marcelo schneider

Jane said...

Glad you enjoy it
I enjoy yours too
I'm in a fabulous Swiss Protestant house with cow bells ringing outside and lovely views - more soon!

Lac19 said...

After a short pause I come back and my Google reader tells me I have 23 posts to read in your wonderful blog... Oh well, congratulations! And keep blogging