Wednesday, 20 August 2008

More on Zimbabwe

You can find an interview with human rights activist Marlon Zakeyo on World Radio Switzerland. Marlon is currently working with WSCF on Zimbabwe advocacy issues and describes how the impact of the violence is still fresh for many in Zimbabwe.
I have also posted a summary of a report by Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) to the docs section. You can download the whole report here.
"The research explored two broad categories of trauma:
“displacement” experiences - a concept first developed first in relation to the psychological and emotional plight of refugees fleeing war zones. It details events such as loss of home, failing to access food and medical care, being lost, being caught up in fighting and similar experiences.
● The second source of trauma is “organized violence and torture” (OVT), including events of torture per se as well as assaults, cruel inhuman and degrading treatment, and verbal threats, insults and taunts."

There is also and ENI story here about Zimbabwe bishops calling for settlement not to be rushed.
"The Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops' Conference has called on negotiating parties in their country not to rush into a government of national Unity, but to urgently dismantle instruments of violence, reject impunity and usher in a new political culture in which accountability, inclusiveness, transparency, healing and reconciliation are paramount.
"The crisis in Zimbabwe is one that was caused by exclusion from power and from the people's right to participate in the processes that affect their lives and from the benefits of growth and development," said the bishops, in a statement made available on 15 August.
"We therefore think that the negotiators should not rush into establishing a government
of national unity," said the bishops. Rather, they should agree on a transitional arrangement, which in 18 months or so, will lead to the construction of a new Constitution which will then be the basis for fresh elections that are free and fair. "