Thursday, 21 August 2008

Holiday lunch at the Hotel de France

Holidaying at home here in Ferney is rather fun. My bronchitus is receding fast and last night we went out to our friend Jean-Jacques - who had invited a large group over to eat the food he was rescuing from his broken down freezer!
Today we went to the Hotel de France for lunch in their glorious garden - it is such hard work when you have a choice of seven restaurants within two minutes of your front door.
The Hotel de France is the antithesis to fast food and eating out at lunchtime is a really relaxing holiday treat. The food was delicious and perfect. My starter sported this wonderfully pretentious description:
Grosse tranche d'aubergine rôtie comme une tartine à l'ail rose, Viande de boeuf séchée, roquette et crème fouettée de chèvre frais au cresson.
Now because I'm on holiday I don't even have to translate that ... Ahh, I could get used to life at this pace.