Saturday, 23 August 2008

Making a difference together - listen to morning worship for the WCC's 60th anniversary.

60 years ago, the World Council of Churches met for the first time in Amsterdam. The Revd Myra Blyth, Director of Humanitarian and Refugee Services of the World Council, leads an act of worship that reflects the joys, sorrows and achievements of the last six decades. With Dame Mary Tanner, WCC president from Europe, and students and staff of the Ecumenical Institute.
The service is being broadcast at 8.10 British summer time (9.10 central European summer time) on BBC Radio 4 and you should be able to find a listen again link here (this only works after the original broadcast).
Meanwhile you can also watch a programme on Netherlands 2 about the WCC. If there is a fat woman with curly hair speaking German on it while waving her hands around alot trying to get the attention of a bored group of visitors that will be be moi.